District Goals


Goal 1
To improve student academic performance at all grade levels as measured by local, state and federal accountability measures so that students are career and college ready.

Goal 2 
To provide and implement research-based professional development that supports best
instructional practices and to implement effective teaching and learning strategies that
strengthen all instructional programs.

Goal 3 
To provide English Language Learners the resources and support to become proficient in
English and be mainstreamed successfully into an all English curriculum.

Goal 4 
To integrate and apply technology across the curriculum.

Goal 5 
To provide a safe and positive environment that is free from alcohol, drugs, weapons, bullying and gang activity.

Goal 6 
To effectively facilitate meaningful parental and community involvement.

Goal 7 
To facilitate and effectively coordinate the academic alignment among all campuses.

Goal 8 
To provide a structured developmental guidance and counseling program that will increase
students' self-esteem, academic success and college/career goals.

Goal 9
To provide professional development and resources to all campuses in order to successfully
meet or exceed federal NCLB performance standards.